Video Finishing Aprendizaje

Video: Finishing the Project

Finishing up the project of «Aprendizaje» with a beautiful video made by Cristóbal J. Calvente.

20 cover aprendizaje

Behind the scenes: painted covers

Every sample of our limited edition of the book of poems «Aprendizaje» by Rafael Muñoz Zayas is covered with unique canvases painted by José Medina Galeote.

Jacket aprendizaje

Behind the scenes: making a dust jacket

Making dust jackets of Aprendizaje with the absolutely unique configuration on each of them.

Rafael Muñoz Zayas

Meet the author: Rafael Muñoz Zayas

Meet the author of «Bulgarų kalbos mokytoja / Aprendizaje», Rafael Muñoz Zayas. Poet and novelist Rafael Muñoz Zayas (Panama, 1972) is the author of poetry books Leucemias infinitas (Virazón, Málaga, 1996), Canto del mal soldado (Ayuntamiento de Málaga, Colección Monosabio, 2000), Sones de dicha (2001), the winner of Ronda City Poetry award. In 2004, he…


Meet José Medina Galeote

José Medina Galeote is a recognized and very productive Spanish artist, based in Antequera and Málaga. We have been delighted by his collaboration in our limited edition project of «Bulgarų kalbos mokytoja / Aprendizaje» by Rafael Muñoz Zayas. Every sample is intervened by hand one by one after being bound, with a such characteristic trace…


Behind the scenes: making of «Aprendizaje»

Making the limited handmade and bilingual edition of «Aprendizaje/Bulgarų kalbos mokytoja» by Rafael Muñoz Zayas.


Review of «antrininkė»

Rūta Taukinaitytė Narbutienė published an article about limited editions in Lithuania and, among them, our recently presented edition of «Antrininkė» by Virginija Kulvinskaitė. Read the article in «7 meno dienos».


Presentation of «antrininkė»

On 9th of May a limited handmade edition of «Antrininkė» was presented as a first project of the Dead Shirt Society. The poet Virginija Kulvinskaitė, the art critic Laima Kreivytė, the artist of the cover etching Vytautas Pliadis together with the editors gathered together with the audience of a secret bookstore and art gallery in…


Behind the scenes: how «antrininkė» was made

Some images of the making process of the handmade limited edition of «antrininkė» by Virginija Kulvinskaitė.


A conversation about books, publishing and bookbinding

An interview about books, publishing, bookbinding and book conservation made by Virginija Cibarauskė. Read the article in «Literatūra ir menas».