The deluxe edition of «antrininkė»


The last and the only deluxe edition of antrininkė by Virginija Kulvinskaitė.

In 2018 we started the Dead Shirt Society project and our publishing experiment with antrininkė, a book of poems by Virginija Kulvinskaitė that before our intervention had only a digital e-book appearance.

Then we published a limited edition of 30 copies printed on paper and bound by hand.

In order to complete our project, Ieva Rusteikaitė aka. Siberiana made a fine binding for the only remaining copy of antrininkė. The book is bound by hand in black goat leather, together with etchings specially made for this edition by Vytautas Pliadis.

With this exclusive edition, we are closing the project with the goal to show the spectrum of possibilities that books may obtain in collaboration with the traditional crafts.

Virginija Kulvinskaitė, antrininkė. Vilnius: Dead Shirt Society, 2018. 100 pages. Etchings by Vytautas Pliadis.

Concept, editorial design, and layout by Ieva Rusteikaitė. Bound by hand by Ieva Rusteikaitė.

Black goatskin, silver film, hot stamp tooling. A set includes the book, a chemise, and a slipcase.

Chemise paper and endpapers were manually dyed in blue color layers by a technique of Japanese origin.

Released in 2018, bound in 2020.